Essential Features:

We specialise in making websites for musicians.

All of the websites we currently make include the following essential features...

  • Responsive Design - websites that fluently re-size to fit the width of any screen.
  • Beautiful Design - a uniform, colour co-ordinated layout that shows your content with style.
  • Clear Navigation - a menu that is the same throughout the whole website helps users find what they need.
  • Meta Tags - a list of key words will help to ensure that your website can be easily found by search engines.
  • Social Media - Integrated links, on every page, to Facebook, Twitter and many more services.

Specific Features:

  • Content Management System [CMS] - allowing you to edit specific content yourself.
  • Calendar - List your using CMS or Sync onto a calendar via Google Calendar.
  • Gallery - Stylishly display images on your website.
  • Blog - Write an online 'Web Log' on Blogger and display it within your website.
  • Maps - Display an interactive map on your website, centred on a specific location, through Google Maps.
  • Audio - Use SoundCloud to securely integrate sounds on your website.
  • Video - Integrate YouTube or Vimeo videos onto your website with ease.
  • Extra Content - hundreds of ways to display content to your visitors, without overloading them with information.
  • Contact Forms - allow your website visitors to contact you via the website without revealing your private contact details.
  • Shop - Use PayPal to take payments for items on your website by using a PayPal button. Use the Content Management System to manage these buttons. If you have lots of items for sale, consider the 'Online Store' Advanced Feature, below.
Please note that all of the above-mentioned services are provided for free by third-party websites.

Advanced Features:

  • Filter - Give specific options and allow users to filter your page to find the option they are looking for.
  • Password Protection - protect your content from unwanted visitors with a password.
  • Multiple Language Support - press a button to change to another version of the page that you have translated into another language.
  • Online Store - if you have lots of items to sell, use an online store that will show off your products with style.

Let us know exactly what you want from your website using our contact form.

Finetune.im offers a number of affordable and professional website packages. We offer smart websites with no unwanted advertising that work well on all devices.

At finetune, we integrate our own work with specific code and scripts that we purchase from professional developers. Over the years, we have built a substantial library of components that we can use and re-use. Think of tailor-made clothing as an analogy: tailors don’t often make their own cloth - instead they fit the cloth they have to the customer’s requirements. We basically do the digital equivalent of that. We combine the components you require and fit them to your chosen house-style to create your website. It’s the finetune attention to detail and your content that makes your website come alive. Using this method reduces the time required for each website to be built - making your website substantially cheaper than a bespoke website made from scratch.


Below you will find images of several of our most recent projects. Browse through the gallery to gather ideas and inspiration for your own website. Click on the thumbnails to launch into a slideshow.

  •  Altenburg Ensemble

    Altenburg Ensemble

  •  Bergamasca Baroque Ensemble

    Bergamasca Baroque Ensemble

  •  British Trumpet School

    British Trumpet School

  •  Chris Houlding

    Chris Houlding

  •  Chronicles


  •  by finetune.im

    by finetune.im

  •  David Staff

    David Staff

  •  James Lowe

    James Lowe

  •  Russell Gilmour

    Russell Gilmour

  •  Spiritato


  •  Sue Addison

    Sue Addison

  •  William Roberts

    William Roberts

Please contact us if you'd like to know more about any of these projects:


We asked our customers to write us testimonials. This is what they said:

  • chrishoulding.com
    As one of Russell's longest standing website clients I can only commend his discerning eye for design and prompt service - ranging from alterations and additions to technical issues.
    Chris Houlding ★★★★★
  • jameslowe.info
    finetune.im understood and creatively delivered my website brief promptly, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss - I’m delighted with the results.
    James Lowe ★★★★★
  • altenburgensemble.com
    finetune.im looks after our website. It looks great, it is easy to use and edit, and Russell is extremely efficient and quick to reply to emails to sort any problems that arise. I am very happy.
    Altenburg Ensemble ★★★★★
  • spiritato.co.uk
    When we needed a new website, it was a great pleasure to work with Russell at finetune.im. He not only understood exactly what we were looking for, he was able to complement our original idea with a whole host of subtle and individual elements. Consequently we have a great website, easy to administrate personally and navigate as a visitor. Finetune's input brought an invaluable mix of patience, creativity and experience - I whole-heartedly recommend them!
    Spiritato ★★★★★


We pride ourselves on providing personalised and speedy support. You will see from the testimonials section above that this is valued by our customers.

As well as providing personalised support by e-mail, we also have a 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) page, which may help to answer your question even more immediately.

You could also use Twitter to ask for support, or to check our hosting service status for planned maintenance or known technical issues.

If you have any questions about any of the information mentioned on this page, please contact us. Otherwise, please continue browsing some of the features lower down this page.


Finetune.im can integrate a link to your Facebook page or profile using a Facebook icon. We add these icons in a fixed location on every page or within the navigation menu so that your users will find all of your social media channels next to each other.


We can also link to your Twitter profile using a Twitter button or a Twitter icon. The button (above) allows the user to follow you on Twitter. We add the icons in a fixed location on every page so that your users will find all of your social media channels next to each other.

We can also display your latest tweets in various ways, see our 'Latest' page for an example of this.

Social Media

We have a huge number of icons to link to specific social networks, so just let us know which you would like and make sure you send us the full URL for each social network you would like to include.

For example: http://www.twitter.com/finetune_im

  • Supported Social Networks

    We have a huge selection of icons available to integrate into your website.

    App Store







    Facebook Like


    Four Square



    Google Plus












    Reverb Nation









Editing [CMS]

We create. You update. With our easy-to-use editing tools, your website is more dynamic than ever.

Choose to have a Content Management System [CMS] built-in so that you can make edits to specific areas of your website youself, without editing the structure.

If you are able to post on social media sites, you already have the skills you need to update your finetune website.

  • Use our CMS to easily update your website yourself.
  • Saves you time, and keeps your website up-to-date.

Watch this video to learn more:


Use an integrated calendar to display important dates. There are two main ways to update your schedule on your finetune website. You can use:

  • Dynamic Google Calendar Import - automatically update from a specific calendar feed.
  • Manual Calendar List - use CMS to manually update a list.

See examples of each, and read more by selecting an option on the switch below:

  • Sync via Google Calendar

    Synchronise a calendar with Google Calendar to keep your website up-to-date.

    You can select events to be added to your website's calendar by adding events to a dedicated Google Calendar feed. You can even add multiple calendar feeds on the same calendar with key colours to differentiate the events. The calendar can be updated by from your computer, tablet or smartphone. It is intelligently controlled by the free service, Google Calendar.

    This example uses Google's 'UK Holidays' Calendar. Click on an event to see it in more detail.

  • Manually via CMS

    If a Google Calendar sounds a bit too high-tech for your needs, a simple list will suffice. Control it yourself using the CMS.

    2016 Agenda

    1st July 2016 - Launch finetune Website

    15th September 2016 - Concert in London

    20th January 2017 - Concert in Edinburgh

    22nd August 2017 - Concert in Cambridge


Add a gallery to display a set of photographs with automatically-generated thumbnails - allowing your visitors to see exactly what is on offer...

There are three varieties available:

  • Static Gallery - choose which photos you would like and they won't change at all.
  • Manual Gallery - chose how many photos you'd like, and we'll show you where to put the correctly-named files to update the images.
  • Dynamic Flickr Gallery - If you use Flickr we can dynamically import a set of your photos, including either the most recent photos or by using special keywords.
For an example of a 'Manual Gallery' scroll to the 'Portfolio' section above.

Using the Dynamic Flickr Gallery - any changes we make on Flickr will dynamically import into this gallery:

Loading Portfolio...


If you write a blog on Blogger we can display it within your website - in keeping with your house style. We just need to know the URL and we may also need you to give us a password for temporary access in order to set this up: in which case, please contact us.

Alternatively, we can set up a blog in the Content Managament System [CMS] so you can write content and upload it using the CMS.


Display an interactive map on your website, centred on a specific location, through Google Maps. This could have many uses, perhaps to show visitors exactly where your premises are, where you live or where you teach.

If you need to display more than one Google Map, consider this option. Hover the mouse over the map below to see the scrolling options.


We use SoundCloud to securely integrate audio on your website.

SoundCloud is a fantastic, free resource. It looks good and sounds good too. Simply upload your sound file(s) to SoundCloud and embed an audio player into your website. You can do this yourself using the CMS or we can do it for you when your website is built.

The audio player can be colour co-ordinated to suit the house style of your website.


It's easy to embed a YouTube or Vimeo video into your website. Simply click Share>Embed on the relevant video on the YouTube or Vimeo website and copy and paste the code into the CMS.

If you provide us with the link(s), we can do this for you when your website is being built. Like in the Google Maps section (above), if you need more than one item to be displayed, ask for a scrolling option.

Scrolling option:

Extra Content

At finetune we use several techniques to ensure that your website remains looking as neat as possible. Here are a few examples:


The scrolling system used on the left of this page ensures that there is a clear order of events, even when there is a lot of information on each page. The creator of this element calls it 'Rails' and we love it.

A-B Switch

If you have any mutually-exclusive content, you can use a simple 'A-B switch' to show relevant content. This saves space on your website and gives users the ability to decide what they would like to see.


Another way of reducing the chance of overwhelming your visitors with information is by using an expanding 'accordion'. These accordions show headings. When you click on a heading it moves apart (like the musical instrument) to reveal more information inbetween the headings. This can include text, photos, links, videos, maps and almost anything else.

  • Creating the illusion of space

    We decided to start this accordion with everything closed, but you could start with the top item open to invite your visitors to read more.

  • Using an accordion

    Superb. You found the next section. You can imagine how much room this can save on your website if you want to display something in sections - like a Curriculum Vitae for example.

    Please contact us if you require an alternative way of displaying your content.

These accordions help to make your website look clear, professional and uncluttered.

Contact Form

Contact forms are an important part of any website. They allow your visitors to contact you without you having to provide them with your private contact details. The form below is the form we use at finetune - it's a good example as it shows a variety of data-entry types. Try the date entry on the 'Do you have a specific deadline?'.

The content of the completed form will be sent to the owner of the website when you press 'Submit'. You will also recieve a receipt of what you sent to the email address you provided. To set this up, all we need is an e-mail address and a list of the questions you would like your visitors to answer.

Please note that this form is real and pressing submit will send us your data.


Give specific options and allow users to filter your page to find the option they are looking for. To see this in action, scroll to the bottom of the page to search the pricing section or alternatively visit our FAQ page.

Protected Area

One of the more advanced features we can build into your website is the ability to password protect certain pages. Try it yourself - the passcode is 1234.

Please note that the password is the same for all users and we do not currently offer a multi-user log-in system.

Multiple Languages

We are able to offer multiple language support. If you can provide us with text in several languages we can display it in place of the English, depending on which option is selected. We can do this on a case-by-case basis or site-wide if you are looking for a truly multi-lingual website.

Users will be able to press a button or flag to change to another language.

Please note that we are unable to provide the translations for you.

Try it for yourself:

Select Language:

Online Store

If you have more than five items for sale on your website, you may wish to consider choosing the 'Online Store' option. This will display your items in a sorted list or grid, and you have more control over the checkout process.

If you only have a few items to sell on your website, such as CDs - you can use PayPal to generate product buttons, integrate the code into the CMS, and let PayPal handle the payment.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


  • 'Essential'

    £250 GBP

    A simple, functional and stylish website.

  • 'Essential+'

    £350 GBP

    Content Management System included

    A functional and stylish website

    + with the ability to update it yourself using our CMS.

  • 'Dynamic'

    £450 GBP

    Content Management System included

    For the more technologically minded, why not include a maximum of 2 'specific features'.

  • 'Dynamic+'

    £550 GBP

    Content Management System included

    + Including a maximum of 4 'specific features'.

  • 'Advanced'

    £675 GBP

    Content Management System included

    Maximum of 6 'Specific Features'

    Includes 2 of our 'Advanced Features'

    If you need five or more pages on your website, this is probably the package for you.

  • 'Advanced+'

    £800 GBP

    Content Management System included

    Maximum of 8 'Specific Features'

    Includes 4 of our 'Advanced Features'

    If you need six or more pages on your website, this is probably the package for you.

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